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Salisbury Drain Care Ltd is a well established and respected family run business. Over the past 27 years we have earned a valued reputation for our customer satisfaction and customer service as a local emergency specialist drainage repair company. Our services are called upon in the many aspects of drain maintenance such as drain unblocking, emergency drain repairs, high pressure jetting, CCTV drain surveys, non-dig drain re-lining or pitch fibre drain repairs.

Blocked Drains

Salisbury Drain Care Ltd are Salisbury's leading drain unblocking company. Our drainage experts are highly trained and experienced in dealing with emergency blocked drains quickly and effectively. We are a local family run 24hr drainage company so you can call us 24/7 for emergency drain unblocking and we will respond to unblock your drain as quickly as possible.

As a 24Hr Blocked Drains Company we can Unblock External Drains Today. We are Outdoor Drain Unblock Experts so we can get to your emergency Blocked Drain Today just call us for FREE on 0800 122 3733 or you can email on [email protected] and we'll get straight back to you.

Salisbury Drain Care Ltd are your Local Drainage Company with great reviews, see our Google reviews, we have No Call Out Fee and we are always near by so we are Your Best Local Drain Unblocking Company. Established Over 27 Years we have a wealth of drainage experience and skills, Call Now And Speak To A drain unblock Expert. Local Company. Fully Qualified Experts. Never Beaten On Price/Service. Contact our team today to find out more

Different causes of a blockage will require different solutions. We can either apply the jetting process or rodding to unblock a blocked drain, depending on the scenario. We will always use the most suitable solution for the situation, which will speed up the process and yield the best results.

Our blocked drain specialists' vans are all fully equipped with all the tools we could need to unblock your blocked drain including high pressure jets. Our drain unblocking services range from a simple blocked sink to a blocked external commercial drain, we are your local drain unblock experts.

High Pressure Jetting

On occasion when lime-scale has built up to the point the drain is blocked and rodding does not work, the use of high pressure water jets is required to de-scale the drain & dislodge debris so that the drain can flow smoothly again. This saves the need for expensive excavations allowing you to have peace of mind with minimal disruption.

If you have a blocked drain and would like the most efficient and effective solutions, call our friendly team of experts today, and we will be will you at your earliest convenience.

CCTV Surveys

Technology has greatly improved allowing drain professionals to inspect drainage systems that, previously, may have been difficult or expensive to inspect.

Using CCTV, our professionals can view inside your drainage system to see if there's a problem, discover what the problem is and how it could be rectified. The CCTV drain survey can locate blockages, cracks or lime-scale, so it's easy to determine the required method to repair the system. All of our inspections come with a written drain condition report including any faults that may have been found, recommendations and a quote so you can see what it might cost you to fix the problems. CCTV is one of the most advanced methods of drain blockage detection, and it is a comprehensively effective tool.

This excellent piece of technology is utilised to great effect by our team of trained professionals so that we can accurately ascertain the nature of the problem and its severity. Some blockages or problems may not be easy to detect by conventional methods, but our CCTV surveys allow us to find and understand a range of problems, such as:

  • *Blockages (including those that are located deep within the system)
  • *Cause of a Blocked Drain
  • *Limescale
  • *Cracks and Damage
  • *Collapsed Drain
  • *Hidden/Buried Drains
  • *Dis-used Drains
  • *Holes and Entry Points for Rats
  • *Where the System Goes

This means that once we have found the issue, we can use the most effective means of solving it to restore complete functionality of your drainage system.

Drain Relining

Drains can fail either by:

  • *Poor Installation
  • *Sub-Standard Materials ( where pitch fibre drains were installed ),
  • *Accidental Damage ie:
  • *Root ingress
  • *Subsidence
  • *Displaced Joints
  • *Open Joints
  • *Point Loading
  • *Fence post or Service Line Entering the Drain.
  • *Wear and Tear
  • *Gradual Deterioration

This can cause leaks to occur which can lead to subsidence and sewage discharging beneath your property.

The lining we use is created with a dense water tight felt that is tailored and designed to fit perfectly inside the pipe to be repaired. Due to its special properties the lining is appropriate for many uses such as sewers, vertical water pipes and culverts. The lining is resistant to extreme conditions and harsh chemicals, making drain relining beneficial to everyone.

Most drainage companies reline drains using methods such as dragging a liner into the damaged pipe using rope or pushing liners into place with rods. Our method allows us to install large lengths of liner where other companies are unable to.

Tight turns in the pipe make it very hard for some companies to install the liner but our inversion method makes it easy to line over 100+ meters in length through multiple 90 degree bends. Larger lengths of pipe are also made possible to line using our methods, this means that there is no need for excavation.

The most common resin used for lining used is polyester resin. The fumes given off are extremely damaging to the users and anybody close to the chemicals so the health of nearby pedestrians must be taken into account. Here at Salisbury Drain Care Ltd we care about safety so we assess each job and use the most suitable resins for the application. This ensures everybody around the site is safe.

We are insurance approved installers, we are able to repair root ingress using cutters and relining the broken drain to smooth and seal the run.

We offer a no quibble guarantee with all of our drainage repair work!

Pitch Fibre Drains

Since the 1980's, pitch fibre has been banned from installation but they are still very common in older properties.

The lifetime of pitch fibre drain pipes is estimated to be around 40 years due to the delamination of the pipes, which means they have all now expired and are due to create problems for you.

The delamination process can take a long time but increases aggressiveness when high temperatures or chemicals are used. When the pipe becomes delaminated it can cause blockages and cost a lot of money to repair. In only 3-4 months after the pipe has become delaminated a deformity in the pipe could change from a 20% blockage to an 80% blockage.

If your property has pitch fibre drains in good condition it would be financially beneficial to have them relined to stop the delamination process and prevent any blisters.

Another deformation that could occur in a pitch fibre pipe is ovalling. This is caused by the overhead ground pushing down on the pipe causing it to slightly flatten creating an oval. This can be made worse by 'impact loading' in areas where vehicles drive over the drain such as driveways.

When a pipe is deformed in any way, our specially developed, 're-rounder' is able to reform ovalled pipes and remove blistering.

With multiple uses, the re-rounder is able to force the pipe back into its original shape before clean water is used to flush out any deposits left behind. Finally our professional drainage engineers install a cured-in-place pipe (C.I.P.P) and impregnate it with either polyester, silicate or epoxy resin prior to installation. The use of the pitch fibre re-rounder allows the pipe to be fixed without costly excavation or the removal of manholes.

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